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cinnamon oil

Nature’s Goodness

Nature’s goodness is packed in these products in the purest way possible. cinnamon oil Our process involves only natural ways of procuring products directly from nature by minimizing the use of cinnamon oil machines to a negligible cinnamon oil level.


We promise purity and we deliver 100% on that claim. If these products are not cinnamon oil pure, they are not impactful or effective at all. So, why cinnamon oil choose anything other than cinnamon oil 100% pure.

Unparalleled Quality

The quality is cinnamon oil unparalleled when compared to any other alternative in the market. cinnamon oil We find the most cinnamon oil organic source for procuring and deriving these cinnamon oil products to get the best of the environment.


What good purity cinnamon oil does when you can’t afford it? We keep our products within a cinnamon oil reasonable price range so that cinnamon oil everyone can access the quality cinnamon oil they deserve, which is nothing less than the cinnamon oil best.


Cinnamon oil Specifications Cinnamon oil Applications: Description The unique sweet aroma of cinnamon is cinnamon oil matchless and so as the benefits of Cinnamon Oil. One of the must-haves in your kitchen rack the Cinnamon Oil produced by NAVYANSHI EXPORTS is always the first choice of any cinnamon oil domestic. Apart from enhancing the flavour of your dishes, this sweet spice are often the solution to many health issues. Cinnamon has been a part of traditional Ayurveda for years due to its medicinal uses for diseases like cinnamon oil diarrhea, menstrual cramps, colds, and flu. Most of the usage and cinnamon oil flavor of cinnamon cinnamon oil comes via its bark. Botanical Name :Cinnamomumzeylanicum

Cinnamon oil Specifications:

Botanical Name : Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Common Method Of Extraction : Steam distillation
Parts Used : Leaves,BARK
Note Classification : Middle
Aroma : Flat, warm, earthy spice
Extraction : This oil is extracted by means of process like distillation, pressing, and maceration from Cinnamomum zeylanicum.
Chemical Composition : Cinnamon oil has chemical compounds that includes eugenol, eugenol acetate, cinnamic aldehyde and benzyl benzoate. stimulant,
stomachic, tonic and vermifuge.

Cinnamon oil Applications:

A key ingredient in aromatherapy to get rid of airborne bacteria
Helps in tightening of the skin
Not only cleanses wounds but also prevents fatal sepsis
Helps in enhancing the immune system
Learning conclude that the core of cinnamon helps improve the brain activity. People who sniffed cinnamon essential oil exhibited better cinnamon oil cognitive activities – like increased attention span, better virtual recognition memory, working memory, and visual-motor cinnamon oil response speed. It’s a great brain tonic. It does cinnamon oil not only improve brain function and increases brain activity but also help to cinnamon oil combat stress, anxiety, and memory loss.
It’s time for you to use cinnamon essential oil and enjoy its incredible health benefits. You can get it from NAVYANSHI EXPORTS store. We provide the most reliable and cinnamon oil speedy services cinnamon oil for our clients. At the same time, we understand the specific needs according to the customer cinnamon oil so we along with the team of our experts cinnamon oil manufacture the product with varied needs.

Tea tree Oil Applications

The Cinnamon essential oil can help boost brain activity also sniffing this essential oil can improve blood circulation as well. The Cinnamon essential oil is taken out cinnamon oil through the vapor distillation of the cinnamon bay. It has a calming and sweet aroma that instantly soothes your mind and the soul. We hope you understand the essential benefits of cinnamon oil cinnamon oil and we believe you can’t wait for more to buy your piece. Besides this massage oil cinnamon oil made from cinnamon oil as a base works in relieving muscle and joint pain.

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