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thyme oil

Nature’s Goodness

Nature’s goodness is packed in these products thyme oil in the purest way possible. thyme oil Our process involves only natural ways of thyme oil procuring products directly from nature by thyme oil minimizing the use of machines to a thyme oil negligible level.


We promise purity and we deliver thyme oil 100% on that claim. If these products are not pure, thyme oil they are not impactful or effective at all. thyme oil So, why choose thyme oil anything other than 100% pure.

Unparalleled Quality

The quality is unparalleled when compared thyme oil to any other alternative in the market. thyme oil We find the most organic source for thyme oil procuring and deriving these products to thyme oil get the best of the environment.


What good purity does thyme oil when you can’t afford it? We keep our products within a thyme oil reasonable price range so that thyme oil everyone can access the quality they deserve, thyme oil which is nothing less than the best.


THYME OIL Is it safe to use Thyme Oil as a remedy? thyme oil Specifications Applications High thyme oil value in ointments and bucket up with medicinal properties thyme oil Thyme Oil by NAVYANSHI EXPORTS is one of the best thyme oil ever deal for health and beauty. The name thyme oil Thyme taken from the Greek word ‘Thymus’ that means courage, the oil works exactly the same to remove the problems bravely. thyme oil Thyme oil are often used as a stabilizer thyme oil against numerous cooking borne germs which will contribute to thyme oil health problems. It is effective against other thyme oil forms of bacteria such as Salmonella, Enterococcus species. thyme oil Herbs and organic cure are always thyme oil effective when one need safe and sound treatments.

Is it safe to use Thyme Oil as a remedy?

History of India thyme oil prevails that folks were keen on taking natural treatments even for major surgeries. English medicines became part of the late thyme oil 20th century. We worked diligently to bring the best natural remedy and one among those is Thyme Oil. Belong to the thyme oil mint family, thyme oil is often used in aromatherapy, thyme oil cooking, mouthwashes and, thyme oil elixirs as well as in ointments. The profits of Thyme Oil are recognized thyme oil for thousands of years in Mediterranean countries. thyme oil Thyme Oil is additionally a standard agent in Ayurvedic practice that's also realized by Indian thyme oil ‘Vaids’ and still the practice is well followed by our brand and thyme oil enthusiastic experts.


Appearance : It is yellow color liquid characteristic color of THYMOL and sharp burning Taste.
Specific gravity @ 25 degree C : 0.8500 � 0.9300
Optical Rotation : 0 degree to +2 degree
Refractive index @ 20 degree : 1.4700 � 1.5200
Thymol content : 40% – 70%


Help against arthritis, wounds, bites, and sores
Used in stimulating the mind, strengthen memory, concentration and calm the nerves
May help prevent hair loss
Tone aging skin and prevent acne outbreaks
Used to improve oral health
Help stay away from many insects, and parasites
Stimulate menstrual flow
Apart from using spices like garlic, NAVYANSHI EXPORTS recommend you to try Thymus Oil derived from natural herbs. Not only do thyme oil they need sterile properties, but they also offer variety of health benefits. In this era of fast technology and time-saving thyme oil manners, it’s a great challenge to make people believe in thyme oil traditional herbs. Our team of experts is always prepared to thyme oil present strong reasons to thyme oil switch to culture and adopt thyme oil herbal treatments

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